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Dated: June 23 2021

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Greetings from your local real estate broker in Durham, NC! I am curious if all our readers know that we are in a sellers market?? Haha I am joking... of course you do! As someone who lives here or is coming to our area (and theres about 70+ of you a day relocating here), I am fully aware of  how REAL THE STRUGGLE IS!!  I am a broker and from this area. I have a client who was told she would never find what she wanted or have any luck with the type of loan she and her partner were approved for. She spoke to multiple people in the business until she got to me. She started our conversation feeling and sounding uber deflated and defeated. I wanted to know why. She told me and man, was i mad for her. I get that we as brokers are working our behinds off to find homes for our clients and inventory is low but at what point does this become our future clients problems???? NEVER in my opinion. There is a difference in being realistic and pessimistic. In my humble opinion, understanding what is realistic about our current climate is the best information an agent can give a client. However, telling them it's hopeless and they will never get what they want or can afford, is not ok. If you are looking for someone who will help you understand that this journey is a marathon not a sprint, let me help! My client made a reasonable offer that was accepted on her first choice home and it was with funding that all the other agents in the area told her was a lost cause. I personally refuse to be defeated. I won't let you be defeated either. I think that as a buyer's agent I am in a unique position to truly learn what makes my clients smile or cringe and if I don't take my time to learn how to help you get your dream home I have failed. Period. 

If and when you are ready, so am I!! Also understanding what it is I can and will do for you is a huge part of how I separate myself as an agent. This market can and will be tamed by anyone who wants to make the process a positive one. 

LET'S GOOO!!! My phone is on and I am here for the ride, journey and process!  Text or call 919-308-1410 or or

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Leanna Carter

Hi! I’m Leanna Carter, real estate broker and mom to three amazing kids and wife to Anthony. Working in real estate is the perfect marriage for my love of people and helping them make their dreams ....

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